How does your service work?

Simply said, we do not offer you Targeted Traffic, Youtube Views, Facebook Likes, Twitter Followers as other services do. We use a fully legal method which does not violate the TOS(Terms of Services) of Social Networks.

We use REAL Traffic!

Why would I want to Increase my Likes, Followers and/or Views?

Increasing Facebook Likes, Twitter Followers and Youtube Views definitely increases your online exposure.

Your business would be highly promoted - and thus creates a higher buyer potential of the products/services you offer.

Do you generate visitors from any spam methods?

Definitely not, we do not cheat our clients. You will get what you pay for! Guaranteed!!

How long does it take for my Order to be completed?

This fully depends on how BIG the package is you buy from us.

Usually 1000 likes can be done within a day while 1 million likes would take up to 12 days to fully be completed.

Simply said, we spread out the traffic in relation to your Order over multiple days - depending on the volume you have bought.

Do you give a guarantee that the Traffic I buy will be delivered?

Yes, 1kfor2.com give 100% satisfaction guarantee in regard to all our Traffic Plans.

When we fail to complete your order, you are able to request a Refund of 100% of your Payment.

Do I need to provide you passwords?

NO! We do not need any passwords. If any service does ask you for passwords - BEWARE!

What is your lowest traffic plan?

Our site name says it all! 1K (1000) for 2$. 1kfor2.com is the most affordable (social) marketing service on the web.

Do you provide Targeted Services?

For our Website Traffic Plans - yes we do. We are able to provide:

1. US Traffic

2. EU Traffic

3. Worldwide Traffic (Mixed)

For Facebook Likes, Youtube Views and Twitter Followers - we do not provide targeted services, as Technically speaking this would not make any difference. 1000 Likes = 1000 Likes, the country of origin does not matter in such case.